The Poetry of the Forgotten Orchard

Rappahannock County, Virginia produced nearly a million bushels of apples in its peak year. But what kinds of apples did we once grow? Here’s a partial listing…and some are still available, if you know where to look!

Albemarle Pippin, Arkansas Black, Baldwin, Ben Davis, Black Twig, Bonum, Cheese, Crab, Early Harvest, Early Red June, Early Ripe, Fall Rambo, Fallowater, Fink, Gano, Genitan, Golden Delicious, Greening, Grimes Golden, Huntsman’s Favorite, Jonathan, Kentucky Sweet, King David, Lady, Leather Coat, Macintosh, Maiden’s Blush, Milam, Mother, Paradise Sweet, Pearmain, Pilot, Pound Apple, Pound Pippin, Queen, Rambo, Rappahannock Beauty, Rebel, Red Delicious, Robinson, Rome Beauty, Russet, Smith Cider, Snow, Stayman, Striped June, Sweet Annet, Transparent (now known as Lodi), Waggoner, Wealthy, Winesap, Wolf River, Yellow Transparent and York (also known as Johnson’s Fine Winter and York Imperial)‚Ķjust to name a few!

And in 1871, a nursery in nearby Rockbridge County stocked 193 varieties of apples.